I’m one of a kind. Here are 5 reasons why.

1) I’m a master of one.

Less is truly more. That’s why I don’t offer a bloated portfolio of products and services. I’m dedicated to doing one thing remarkably well: Teaching professionals, groups and organizations how to produce extraordinary work with creativity as the catalyst. My goal is to develop best-in-class coaching and training programs on creativity.

2) I’m dynamic.

When I scored a job over five years ago as a corporate facilitator for two Fortune 100 clients, I gave myself a simple assignment: Create the kind of experiences I’d want to receive. That approached followed me when I became a fashion editor and style columnist for one of the world’s most influential media companies. And now as an entrepreneur, the philosophy still stands. Which means clients can expect programming that’s immersive, collaborative and entertaining. In other words: You’ll probably forget that you’re actually learning.

3) I know what to watch out for.

From “The Perfect Scenario” to “The Consumption Okie-Doke” to “The Comparison Pit,” there are some sneaky threats out there waiting to zap your intrinsic creative powers. My programs identify these dangers and provide you with tools and resources to neutralize them so you can maximize your creativity.

4) I think everyone is creative. (Including you.)

There’s a four-letter F-word that holds so many ambitious professionals back from putting their own ideas to work. And it’s the fear that they’re not #creative enough. This usually changes when they work with me though. Because I believe creativity isn’t just a gift endowed to a select few. Instead, creativity is a skill that can be acquired and developed with just one premeditated sentence. A sentence that serves as the foundation of everything that I do. And a sentence that can pave the way to an extraordinary life on your own terms.

5) I stick around.

Research shows that within one hour, people forget an average of 50% of the information they’ve just received. Within 24 hours? It rises to 70%. And after a week, 90% of that new information is gone. My programs aren’t exempt from this reality. So you can count on me to not only design materials that reinforce what you’ve learned, but also provide 12 weeks of VIP support to troubleshoot anything that comes up after our engagement.