Too good to be false

You’ve been holding your breath for a while now.

If you exhale or let your guard down, you think it’ll all come crashing down. But what if doesn’t? What if all the times you held in how you really felt, kept your guard up and found yourself surrounded by the ashes were the precursor to the breakthrough you’re on the cusp or in the middle of?

What if the thing you thought was too good to be true is actually your new normal? What if it’s too good to be false?

People say to hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That advice sucks. Because it’s not failure that we’re often unprepared for. It’s the abundance, joy and freedom that the world tells you is for everyone but you that’s often hard to handle when you get it.

Of course, you’re not excluded from feeling let down, disappointed or fearful. But you also get to enjoy the sunny side of life too.

So do exactly that: Enjoy it. Be grateful for it. And trust there’s more of it on the way.