Once it's gone

As long as you trap your ideas in your head, you’re not exposed to any risk. Once they’re gone though? They take on a life of their own. When you release your creativity into the world, it’s interpreted through the eyes of the beholder. They can love or hate it, share or shun it, revere or reject it.

On the surface, it feels like a powerless position to be in. You’re not wrong to believe it’s unfair that the fate of your work rests with someone who is only experiencing the fruit, but not the labor.

Still, there’s a lot of power that lies in your ability to create something that causes people to think, feel or act in a way they wouldn’t have before they experienced your work.

To feel, think and act is to be human. What we create enables others to experience the fullness of our humanity. And no matter if people love or hate it, share or shun it, revere or reject it, you’re responsibility is simple: Put it out there. Point blank, period.

Because the work we cling to is impotent. It’s impact is connected to your willingness to trust that once it’s gone, it will do its job — whether it’s to provoke joy, introspection, transformation, profit or gratitude.

So create the work so we can interpret it for ourselves. And be grateful you got first dibs on its brilliance before any of us did.