The ordinary border

Done is better than perfect, the saying goes.

But if you identify as a recovering perfectionist like me, then you know it’s sometimes easier said than done.

Culprits like imposter syndrome (am I even good enough to create work that has meaning?), distractions (looking at you, social media), and comparison (I may good, but not as good as them) stand between your ideas becoming action that makes an impact in your community and in your life.

Here’s what else I know: It always seems impossible until it’s done.

If you want to test my argument, apply a principle I call “the ordinary border” to your next creative project.

Before you start the project, answer this question: What’s the maximum output a person with the average skill, experience and resources can produce within the time i have to complete this project?

This establishes the ordinary border.

To produce extraordinary work, all you have to go one step further than ordinary.

This practice helps you resist the temptation to hold your ideas hostage or tweak your creative output until you feel like it’s ready for the world.

Because it’ll never be ready. But it can be extraordinary.