New day, new possibilities

We are what we focus on.

So if you’re consumed with all of yesterday’s rights that went left or the mysterious uncertainty of what an unpromised tomorrow holds, meet me right here right now — focus on what’s possible in this moment.

We all have different ambitions, challenges and stories. But we all share something in common too: The chance to create an experience that pushes us closer to our idea of a meaningful life.

Make it count by thanking yesterday for the wisdom, tomorrow for the waiting its turn, and today for the possibilities to make more of whatever it is you want to see on the planet.

These aren’t just poetic words. They’re a call to action. You actually have a responsibility to channel your skills, gifts and human experiences into something people can use to create meaning in their own lives.

Today holds all the possibility your creativity ever needed. I’m counting on you to go out there and prove me right.