I’ve felt so uninspired in my business the past couple of weeks.

Let me be clear: Nothing’s wrong personally. I feel like my normal, optimistic self. I’m as fulfilled and focused as I’ve been this year, all things considered.

Not to mention, the work I’m producing behind the scenes is up to snuff. It’s just the creative process that drives my work has been such a drag lately.

Even the usual remedies — tweaking my morning routine, changing where I work and making sure my time off-the-clock is well-spent — have been ineffective. No matter what I try, the feeling’s still there.

This is a normal part of the creative cycle.

There’s nothing wrong with me. And if you’re experiencing your own creative dry spell, then you should know there’s nothing wrong with you either.

What else you should know: In order to get back in the creative groove, you’ve simply just gotta keep going.

Stick with it long enough for the brilliance to find its way.