What you're really promoting

People don’t really care about whatever it is you’re promoting. They care about themselves. They care about what joining your brand says about them. Every purchase they make is a self-centered decision that helps them say something about their priorities, desires, and motivations.

So promoting all that’s amazing about your product or service is hustling backwards. Because honestly, your product really isn’t even the product.

The customer is what you’re selling. Not the customer as they are now. Your job is to sell the customer an image of who they want to be. That image is the product.

But customers aren’t born, they’re made. And you make customers by shifting mindsets, attitudes and behaviors in an empowering way that advances you and the prospect closer to their desired result: The transformation your product promises.

That means every marketing function should be designed to create enough customers to form a tribe who buy your products, book your services, sign up for your wait lists, share your content, and promote your products and services to their communities. And once you’ve created a customer, it’s your job to support and celebrate them through the lifetime of the relationship.