Candy, vitamins and painkillers

Most products and services fall into three categories: Candy (nice-to-haves that people enjoy but don’t necessarily need), vitamins (improvements that make life better but aren’t really all that essential) and painkillers (instant solutions to critical problems).

You want to position your offering to fit into that last category. People won’t pay attention to or pay for whatever it is you’ve created if there’s not an urgent need for them to pay attention to and pay for it.

Candy and vitamins aren’t bad, they’re just sometimes harder to promote. With painkillers, people have a problem, your thing solves it. Whoop, there it is. Vitamins have the potential to turn into painkillers down the road — usually by marketing it to a different audience. Candy often gets its value from being super addictive and pleasurable.

But more than likely, your product or service will be candy, vitamins or painkillers all at once for different people.