You're gonna need a megaphone

I developed the concept for this blog back in February. The goal was to create a space where I could clear my thoughts — and share them with the world — on creativity and how it influences our culture, economy and human experience.

As for the name of the blog? Well, it serendipitously came to me while I was — wait for it… — binge-watching the most recent season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on Hulu. (At the 28:36 mark of episode 20, Olivia asks for a megaphone in an attempt to negotiate with suspect in a hostage sitch.) defines a megaphone “as a cone-shaped device for magnifying or directing the voice, chiefly used in addressing a large audience out of doors or in calling to someone at a distance.”

This blog is my version of a megaphone. I can amplify my thoughts, projects and inspirations — without resorting to smarmy gimmicks to stand out in crowded spaces. It’s just me and you, hanging out for a few minutes, once a day.

Sure, the daily cadence (inspired by guys like Seth Godin and Austin Kleon), is rigorous and requires intense discipline. But I’d rather mindfully channel my writerly inclinations into a single post than mindlessly splinter hours of my attention across a handful of social media apps.

Not to mention: I own a small business, which means I have a responsibility to my clients. I’m a citizen too, which means I also responsibility to wield my influence towards conversations, people and ideas that drive can our society forward.

And you do too. But if people can’t hear you, are you even speaking?

That’s why you need your own megaphone. A platform where when you speak, people listen. Where you can share your point of view on whatever you care about in whatever way feels authentic to your values, skills, and the people you are motivated to serve.

Now more than ever — when the rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer, technology is shifting how we work and live, and the government is a literal catastrophe — it’s actually irresponsible if you don’t use yours.

So just start talking (or writing, drawing, painting, acting, singing, etc.) and we’ll be listening, reading and watching.