“It is one of the most powerful times to be you”

The tail end of last year was turbulent, both personally and professionally. I considered moving back to Dallas — not because I wanted to actually be back home, but because I didn’t wanted a reprieve from New York City’s relentless pounding. I felt like I hardly had time to recover from one body blow before being dealt another one.

Obviously, I’m still in New York City. And once the dust settled, I experienced an overwhelming sense of optimism at the onset of the new year. Stars started aligning in miraculous ways and the labor of the past few years started to bear sweet fruit. I could see glimpses of the life I dreamed about with each passing moment.

About 19 minutes into his sermon on Sunday,  Michael A. Walrond, senior pastor at my church FCBC in Harlem, spoke words that affirmed my optimism and complete commitment to creating a life I love living:

“You know that this season is the window you’ve been waiting for. The window of opportunity that you have been waiting for? You know this is it. You can feel it in your bones. You’ve been talking to people to explain it. You’ve been saying, ‘I know that God is up to something in this season.’ You’ve been telling people, ‘I know right now is my time to move forward into the spaces that God has carved out for me.’ You know it. How many of you know it, feel it right now in this moment?”

Pastor Mike didn’t stop there:

“Now, if you really can feel that and know that, it is one on the most powerful times to be you. It is one of the most glorious times to be you when you know that you are on the cusp of something that is about to radically alter the course of your life. I mean, you’re on the threshold of stepping into a space that is about to ignite your future in a way that you’ve been dreaming of and hoping for all your life.
I mean, this is it. It’s as if every day you wake up and the hairs on your body start to stand up and you feel a presence on you because it is pushing you to begin now to walk in the totality of who God has made you to be. This is the window! This is the window.”

Then things got really real:

“And it is not as though there won’t be other opportunities down the way, but here’s the deal: You’ve had other windows before and you’ve been afraid to walk in that season. But now, you feel like you’ve never felt before. And you know that things are about to shift greatly in your life. Anybody feel that even right now? And the deep thing is that that moment, this window, this season, is also accompanied with all of your fears.”
I wish that there were times in my life when my faith could occupy the full space of my life. But I also know that oftentimes, my faith is in contention with my fear. And my faith ought to win but sometimes my fear has more of my help.”

But this season requires work:

“This is what this season is in your life. This is that window. It is beckoning you. It is the thing that requires your full commitment. You can’t want to forge into this new space with half commitment. You can’t seize the day if you’re not willing to stand in the moment and move forward.
You’ve been prepared for this moment. And let me tell you: There are things you’ve experienced in your life that did not make sense until right now. There were things that you have felt and been through that didn’t make sense until right now. It is as if there is a sense of clarity that is coming into your life right now that helps you connect thoughts that you thought were disconnected for a long time. And now here you sit in this pregnant moment filled with possibility. And here you are right now and now this moment is requiring your commitment.”

The entire sermon is worth the watch: