The four systems

Under the hood of all thriving businesses are a series of well-oiled systems that work together to keep the biz running smoothly.

I love systems because they establish standards for how your business fulfills its promise to itself and the people it serves. They give each project, campaign or strategy a defined starting point so you’re not reinventing the wheel or stuck in analysis paralysis every time you kick off a new initiative.

I’ve spent most of the summer fine-tuning, documenting and testing my systems — and the processes within them — to position my business to win going forward.

Here’s a high-level overview of my four systems: Operations, Product, Marketing, and Brand.

The first is my Operations system: This system outlines how I develop new business opportunities, execute creative projects, manage resources and organize my work so it's easy to produce, locate and share.

Next up, the Product system. This system outlines how I apply my creative process to the learning experiences that deliver value to my business and my audience.

Then there’s my Marketing system. How do I maximize the possibilities of my products, services and experiences in order to delight customers and drive business sustainability? That’s what this system focuses on.

Finally, I’ve got my Brand system: This system provides guidance on how to consistently and flexibly express my creative point of view to the world through my values, personality, and verbal and visual identities.

Over the next few months, I’ve be creating training and tools to help leaders, entrepreneurs and executives develop and install their own systems so they can produce extraordinary work. So stay tuned!