Whenever I start designing a new learning experience — a workshop, online training, coaching engagement — I give myself one assignment: Make it DOPE.

DOPE is a four-letter acronym that stands for Dynamic, Optimistic, Practical and Empowering. Here’s why each of these characteristics matter to me:

Dynamic. I believe learning is most effective when it’s immersive, collaborative and entertaining. So I work tirelessly to design experiences that make the recipient forget that they’re actually learning.

Optimistic. My learning experiences focus on looking ahead at what’s possible instead of looking back at what could’ve, would’ve and should’ve been. You have enough people telling you what they think you’re not capable of — I’m here to interrupt the cynicism with a shot of good cheer.

Practical. The market rewards action over ideas and performance over procrastination. Every learning experience is engineered to give you the content and resources to conquer overwhelm, uncertainty and perfectionism so you can create the change you want to see in your life and on the planet.

Empowering. Learners are come away from my experiences inspired to start where they are with what they have — trusting they’ll pick up anything else they need along the way. In my world, you’re the one you’ve been waiting for. I’m the just the guy to give you the insights and support to help you see it for yourself.

I prioritize Practical and Empowering over the other two characteristics. If people don’t feel qualified to translate the insights they learn from my teaching and tools into action, then it doesn’t matter how awesome my energy and attitude is.

So there you have it: DOPE, my favorite four-letter word.