The Feel-Good Folder

The other day one of my mentees sent me the most thoughtful email. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect: I was in the midst of a frustrating day and my focus was on the forces that seemed to be working against me instead of for me. When I read her kind words, I immediately chose to be grateful for the tribe I have to support me and my vision.

I file emails like these in “The Feel-Good Folder,” a repository in my inbox full of uplifting, funny or inspiring notes to refer to when the going gets tough.

(Sidebar: I email texts to myself and add them to the folder too. If you have an iPhone, it’s super easy: Tap and hold the message until the “Copy” or “More” button pops up, tap "More" and choose the text you want to send your inbox, tap the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen, type your email address and send.)

My Feel-Good Folder is one of the tools I use to maintain or regain the level of performance it takes to produce extraordinary work. It’s unrealistic and irresponsible to assume I won’t experience moments of inadequacy, creative blockage, or even restlessness — especially since social media isn’t my fallback anymore. So I install mechanisms to guard against wallowing in my misery for too long.  

After all: Your mind is your most valuable asset. One that’s worth protecting and feeding with feel-good messages as often as necessary.

Shoutout to Sydne: Thank you for being a crack of sunlight on what was an otherwise dreary day.