I’m just average

Most days I’m feel just average. The extraordinary days — and even the lousy ones — often end up being blips on what essentially boils down to a series of boring, uneventful and, yes, average days.

These are the days that really matter though. It’s easy to float on cloud nine when you’re experiencing massive breakthrough in your work or life. And it’s natural to wonder if the sun will ever rise again during dreary breakdowns. But who you are and how you work on a day-in, day-out basis is what tells the story.

The secret is to keep raising what average means to you. Instead of shooting for more extraordinary days, simply commit to improving your performance in one tiny area of your life. It’s your habits and decisions that lead to your creative output.

Empowering habits will have you turning extraordinary days into extraordinary weeks and reducing lousy days into lousy moments.

Honestly, it’s really all a matter of perspective. My average is someone’s extraordinary and my extraordinary is another person’s lousy. That’s why comparison is a fool’s game. Run your own race at a pace that is authentic to the life you dream about because that’s all that matters in the end: Did you do the work that led you to your fulfilling reality? The majority of that work is created on the average days.