Creativity by design

We’re all born with an ability to create. But pure creativity isn’t enough to generate the money, access and influence required to work and live on our own terms.

Instead, high-powered professionals design their surroundings to consistently and vigorously perform produce creative output that people are willing to pay attention to and pay for.

Benjamin Hardy offers up a deep dive into environmental design in his book Willpower Doesn’t Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success:

“Thus, it’s not free will or determination. It’s not choice or environments. Instead, it is choice and environment. More directly, it is the choice of environment. You are responsible for shaping and choosing the environments that will ultimately shape the person you become and the destiny you have. Environmental design is your greatest responsibility. Choosing and shaping your environment is at the center of what “free will” really means, because your choice of environment and external influences will directly reflect the person you become.”

Choose to create at times and in places that allow you to express the full range of your creativity so it attracts the highest caliber of people who you want to serve.