Family first

One of the toughest parts of working and living in New York City is spending most of the year away from my family. And while I’m grateful for the business and life I’ve created in NYC, I look forward to any chance I get to hang with my peeps.

Yesterday was one of those occasions. My sister threw my nephew Micah a surprise party at her new beautiful home to celebrate his 13th birthday. I landed in Dallas about 90 minutes before the party started to surprise Micah. And his face when he saw me was priceless — it’s a moment we’ll cherish for a while.

My parents, brother-in-law, favorite cousins and aunts and a few friends came together to laugh, eat, reminisce and celebrate Micah. No deadlines, writing, emails — just lots of much-needed love from my family.

I made sure to take in every moment of the experience.