Yes, you are creative

To be human is to be creative. We were born with an ability to literally make things that bring joy, fulfillment and breakthrough to our lives and the people around us.

But so many folks think creativity is reserved for a select few who have the title — writers, artists, designers, etc. — of a “creative.”

That’s a danger belief if you ask me. It’s also irresponsible. And lazy. Because if we believe we’re not creative, then that abdicates us of the responsibility to use our energy on creating the change we want to see.

The reality is this: Creativity inherent to who we are. From adolescence into adulthood, we use our imaginations to solve problems, add meaning to our life experiences and express our point of view to the world.

If all your work is mostly tasks that can be performed faster and cheaper by machines, chances are you’ll be displaced and forced to rely on outside forces to support the work and lifestyle that matters to you.

But if you want to win in the new economy — where technology, creativity and human expertise drive growth and sustainability instead of natural resources or manual labor — then you have to use your craft to translate your creative thoughts into value that people are willing to pay attention to and pay for.

So you see, this isn’t just a feel-good sentiment. Creativity is one of the tools you can use to “tech-proof” your future. And I’ve partnered with my friends at Spacious to host a workshop on 9/13 on this very topic.

It’s free to attend so if you’re in New York City and you want to work and live on your own terms, you seriously don’t wanna miss this.

Reserve your spot at How To Tech-Proof Your Future presented by Spacious and yours truly. :)