The work can wait

I got the airport hella early on Sunday to fly back to New York City after spending the week in Dallas.

But I was the last one to board my flight. And if you’ve fly Southwest, then you know they don’t do assigned seating.

So of course, I had to sit in a middle seat. It was as wiggedy-wack as you could imagine it to be.

How did I miss the boarding call for my group?

I was writing an email to send to my community. An email that I didn’t have to write at that moment. An email that could have waited until I got back to New York City.

I’ve worked hard to enforce clear boundaries for my work — shutting down at a responsible hour each evening, no calls before 1 PM, no work on the weekend.

But over the past few weeks I’ve been slipping at all of the above. That uncomfortable three-hour flight home was just the reminder I needed to get back on my game.