The market is ruthless

I make a living by working my mind.

Specifically, I study what’s going on at the intersection of culture and creativity and then extract insights that people like you can put your own ideas to work and experience personal freedom in your life.

You know what would be awesome though? If I got paid for my ideas. Because lemme tell you: I come up with a lot of ‘em. And I think they’re worth some major coin too.

You know who disagrees? The market, that’s who.

The market — aka the people with the desire, willingness and ability to pay attention to and pay me — doesn’t care how good my ideas are. Cold world, huh?

What they care about is if they can get their hands on a product or service that turns an abstract idea into a tangible experience.

As much time as I spend on drumming up innovative ideas, growing my expertise on the topics in my purview and nurturing my relationships, all of those efforts pale in comparison to how I occupy most of my working day: creating solutions to problems the people who want to be served by me are looking for in ways they can’t find anywhere else. (This decision certainly increased my productivity like nobody’s business.)

It’s the development and application of this ability — think of it as your “superskill” — that earns your keep, not nice ideas.

As adventurer/author/speaker Pat Falvey says: "Skills are freedom. Get skilled up!"