Ready, Set, Create is an empowering 1-on-1 coaching program where clients receive the support, insight and accountability that enables them to achieve a meaningful professional goal or capitalize on a lucrative creative opportunity.

Clients receive personalized feedback and premium training resources that are designed to develop a creative point of view and position them as a valuable and influential asset to the people they serve.

As a result, they come away with the leverage necessary to acquire, negotiate access to and sustain their desired lifestyle on their own terms.

As a Ready, Set, Create client, you will:

  • Bring your one-of-a-kind creative project to life
  • Incorporate innovative thinking into every creative decision
  • Accelerate your working tempo to increase your creative output
  • Activate your braintrust of mentors, colleagues and ambassadors to amplify your creative point of view to the masses
  • Identify — and neutralize the impact of — the tightly held beliefs that hold you back from taking action towards your desired outcome

In your up to 12 private virtual or in-person sessions, creative expert Michael Jones will apply his dynamic, inspiring and results-focused coaching style to help you generate solutions to creative problems, shift from debilitating behaviors to a proactive mindset, and select the appropriate metrics that align with your ultimate goal.

Ready, Set, Create is currently closed.

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