Contact Michael Jones

Hey, hi, hello!

I don’t currently maintain a social media presence. And I’m super attentive to how much time I spend on email. 

The good news is I share everything I know  two ways: Through my weekly newsletter and daily blog. This allows me to support my community in a 1-to-many capacity instead of 1-to-1 via private email replies. (Looking for 1-to-1 support? This should help.)

Below are the types of opportunities I'm always open to:

  • Interview requests from cool people and organizations who express authentic interest in and joy from my work
  • Speaking requests from cool people and organizations who share my commitment to helping professionals and creators create impact with their online businesses
  • Anything sent from actively engaged readers of and subscribers to my work

And before you reach out, be sure to ask yourself these questions first:

  • Are you subscribed to Michael's newsletter? (If not, here you go.)
  • Are you sure your inquiry can't be satisfied with a quick Google search? 
  • Can you promise you're not going to do any of the following?
    • Ask Michael to participate in an advice roundup on writing, business or productivity
    • Submit a guest submission to my blog
    • Request for me to review your product or app
  • Have you smiled at at least one stranger today AND let go of the last thing that pissed you off?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, then I'd love to hear from you.

If I sent you to this page, then you weren't able to answer yes to all the questions.