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Congrats! When you enroll into Creative Upgrade VIP, you’ll be placed in Track 1.

Track 1 Overview:

The way to win in the new economy is to create work you’re proud and that matters to the people you’ve chosen to serve and makes a difference in their lives.

And you do that by giving them something they need that’s valuable enough to pay for and remarkable enough to tell others about.

This is your signature program. And it’s what delivers value to your VIPs and generates revenue for online business, personal brand or side hustle.

In this track of Creative Upgrade, we’ll the “no-brainer” and complementary features that differentiate it from your industry’s sea of sameness and leverages your unique expertise and skills, the actual content and/or functions within the program and how to deliver it in a format that’s consistent with your creative point of view.

Below is the Track 1 curriculum at a glance:

Week 1 (released on 10/1/18):
Document Your Branded System

Week 2 (released on 10/8/18):
Build What Your VIPs Will Actually Buy

Week 3 (released on 10/15/18):
Contextual Creativity: Think Inside The Box

Week 4 (released on 10/22/18):
The Platinum Feature

Week 5 (released on 10/29/18):
The Gold Feature

Week 6 (released on 11/5/18):
The Silver Feature

Week 7 (released on 11/12/18):
The Bronze Feature

Week 8 (released on 11/19/18):
Putting It All Together

Week 9 (released on 11/26/18):
The Quality Check

Week 10 (released on 12/3/18):
Excellence in Onboarding

h2. Need help ordering or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, shoot me a note and I’ll reply ASAP.