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Congrats! When you enroll into Creative Upgrade VIP, you’ll be placed in Track 2.

Track 2 Overview:

I get it: You’ve developed this incredible product, service or experience and you’re ready to get it into the hands, hearts and minds of the people who need it the most. But the pro move is to first call out your VIPs — the specific people already looking for a solution to their problem, are willing to spend money to solve it and see the world through your lens — and chase away everyone else. Then make it your mission to guide, counsel, advise, contribute to and protect your VIPs long before you ever invite them to invest in your signature program.

This is achieved through purposeful content that establishes you and your online business, personal brand or side hustle as the obvious solution to your person’s problems, challenges, issues or opportunities.

During this Track, we’ll define and activate your strategy for targeting and attracting A-listers from organic traffic channels to your VIP section, collecting the contact information you need to personalize their customer lifecycle and and sharing your personality, expertise and creative point of view with them.

Below is the Track 2 curriculum at a glance:

Week 1 (released on 10/1/18):
Content Strategy: Audience

Week 2 (released on 10/8/18):
Content Strategy: Goals

Week 3 (released on 10/15/18):
Content Strategy: Topics

Week 4 (released on 10/22/18):
Content Strategy: Formats

Week 5 (released on 10/29/18):
Content Strategy: Frequency

Week 6 (released on 11/5/18):
Skills Training: Research

Week 7 (released on 11/12/18):
Skills Training: Writing

Week 8 (released on 11/19/18):
Skills Training: Editing

Week 9 (released on 11/26/18):
Distribution Channels: Cultivate Your Own Soil

Week 10 (released on 12/3/18):
The Velvet Rope: Turning Spectators Into VIPs

h2. Need help ordering or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, shoot me a note and I’ll reply ASAP.