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Congrats! When you enroll into Creative Upgrade VIP, you’ll be placed in Track 3.

Track 3 Overview:

Track 3 of Creative Upgrade all about packaging your signature program into an offer that contains everything your VIPs need to reap the maximum value from your product, service or experience.

You’ll design and implement my very own repeatable Launch workflow, which includes all the touchpoints, messaging and logic you need to confirm your VIPs are interested, motivated, qualified and inclined to buy your product or service before you ever offer it to them and eliminate or minimize any friction at the point of purchase so the payment process is seamless and secure.

Below is the Track 3 curriculum at a glance:

Week 1 (released on 10/1/18):
The Anatomy of an Irresistible Offer

Week 2 (released on 10/8/18):
Sell It With Your Words: Landing Pages and Promo Emails

Week 3 (released on 10/15/18):
The Amazing Six: Intro to The Core Campaigns of a Profitable Promo

Week 4 (released on 10/22/18):
The Invitation Campaign

Week 5 (released on 10/29/18):
The VIP Campaign

Week 6 (released on 11/5/18):
The Rollout Campaign

Week 7 (released on 11/12/18):
The Sales Campaign

Week 8 (released on 11/19/18):
The Last Call Campaign

Week 9 (released on 11/26/18):
The Second Chance Campaign

Week 10 (released on 12/3/18):
From Dread to Dream: Designing Your Customer Journey

h2. Need help ordering or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, shoot me a note and I’ll reply ASAP.