The Freedom Fix

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The Freedom Fix is an indispensable blueprint for leaders, entrepreneurs and action-takers on how to produce extraordinary work in our new economy.

This free two-week email training introduces five sources of “Human Currency” — the economic, social and cultural stock available to an individual to design, negotiate access to and sustain a meaningful life — and shares a corresponding “Currency Code” so subscribers can trade their creative output for personal freedom.

Every other day, you’ll get an lesson in your inbox covering how to:

  • Skyrocket your focus and minimize addictive distractions
  • Transform your expertise into creative output that people pay attention to and pay for
  • Identify and capitalize on creative opportunities for innovation
  • Turbocharge your performance so you can get twice the amount of work done in half the time
  • Build a network of mentors, colleagues and difference makers who’ll take you to the next level

With The Freedom Fix as your guide, you’ll find yourself prepared to compete in and contribute to an ever-evolving market that chews up and spits out people who lack the skills, experience and environment to earn their keep.

The Freedom Fix was developed by Michael Jones, a creative coach, instructor and writer who dedicates his work to helping people and businesses produce extraordinary work — with creativity as their catalyst.

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