How To Tech-Proof Your Future


How To Tech-Proof Your Future provides leaders, entrepreneurs and action-takers with a toolkit to produce the level of performance that buffers the economic, social and cultural impact technologies like artificial intelligence have on their ability to to design, negotiate access to and sustain a meaningful life.

This dynamic training offers insight into the inherent advantage creators have over technology and outlines practical steps to help participants conquer the “Little Giants” standing between their ability to generate valuable work that can’t be automated or replicated.

During this workshop, participants will discover how to:

  • Adjust their surroundings to maximize time on task
  • Focus in a culture that prioritizes mindless consumption over mindful creativity
  • Shift into an empowered mindset that makes extraordinary work the rule instead of the exception

This training includes spirited discussion, immersive activities and personalized feedback led by Michael Jones, a creative expert and trained facilitator with over a decade of hands-on experience developing strategy, designing dynamic content and curriculum, and delivering in-person and digital learning and consumer experiences for a roster of industry-leading brands.