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Hey, hi, hello!

By Michael Todd is a one-man show. From product to marketing to operations, I'm involved in it all. Not a complaint, just the current reality (I'm grateful that I get to do work that I believe in).

But that means it's nearly impossible for me to respond to the ton of emails I get each day. 

The good news is I share everything I know each week two ways: Through my Notes From a Recovering Perfectionist newsletter and Answers workshop. This allows me to support my community in a 1-to-many capacity instead of 1-to-1 via private email replies. 

Still want to connect? Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Are you subscribed to Michael's email list? (If not, here you go.)
  • Are you sure your inquiry can't be satisfied with a quick Google search? 
  • Can you promise you're not going to try to sell Michael something that doesn't deliver value to him or his audience?
  • Have you smiled at at least one stranger today AND let go of the last thing that pissed you off?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, then I'd love to hear from you.

If I sent you to this page, then you weren't able to answer yes to all the questions.