Wanna know if we’re a good fit?

So, here’s how these things usually works:

  • You send an email with some info about your project.
  • The service provider replies with questions about budget, deadline and project scope.
  • You two go back and forth to feel each other out.
  • Finally, you guys decide to hop on a call to settle things once and for all

How frustrating?!

I’m not about that life.

That’s why I created a quick 1-minute questionnaire to help us see if we’re a good fit.

Cool with that? Then let’s do it!

1) Are you launching a product?
2) Which of the following assets do you already have? *
3) What’s your budget for this project? *
This helps me prioritize the deliverables worth executing on according to your resources.
What's your name? *
What's your name?
What are you launching? What’s your revenue goal? What’s the deadline? Include any other details you can give me!