I’m currently based in New York City. Here’s what I’m up to:

Launching By Michael Todd’s flagship program

All I’ll share is it’s coming this fall. (And my private email list will be the first to know about it!)

Writing This Should Help articles for my private email list

Not a subscriber yet? Let’s fix that ASAP.

Growing The Recovering Perfectionist’s Society

TRPS is a private Slack community for founders, creatives and consultants to work together, offer and request feedback from and to each other, and build authentic personal and professional connections in a no-judgment environment. Still adding a few finishing touches. But you can request an invite to join us.

FaceTiming my niece Jordan and nephew Micah

It’s a commitment I made to Micah when I initially relocated from Dallas to New York City a few summers ago. And each Friday, I look forward to hearing updates on what they learned at school and what they’ve got planned for the weekend.

Collaborating with other epic entrepreneurs and professionals

From webinars and live events to everything in between, I'm excited to connect with a few peers to show their audiences how to release perfectionism so they can get noticed and get paid with their big ideas. Let’s create some dopeness: michael@bymichaeltodd.com

Eliminating external noise

I deleted all my Twitter followers, turned off notifications on my iPhone and have been mindful of the media I consume. (I’m slooooooooooooowly following people back. But if you’re seeing this and want to make sure we’re still connected, mention me on Twitter!)

Supporting organizations on the frontlines for progress

Equal rights for everyone, affordable college, literacy, reproductive choice and gun control are a few causes I’m passionate about.

Encouraging five people every day

I’m blessed to know some major changemakers, culture-shifters and community-builders. And while I’m proud of them, it’s important for them to hear it from me early and often. So I’ve adopted a new habit of sending five people a just-because text, email or handwritten note every weekday. Wanna pay it forward? Send me some feel-good vibes: michael@bymichaeltodd.com.

Planning a trip to Greece

I’ve dreamed of traveling to Santorini for a couple of years. But this year it’s happening, friends.

Being open to love

My girl Josie and I have declared 2018 our year of love. So we’re outchea dating, falling deeper in love with ourselves and holding each other accountable along the way. I’m excited to share my life with some lucky guy. Say hi if you see this, bae!

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