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I’m based in New York City. Here’s what I’m currently up to:

Developing curriculum for The Cool Humans Club
I created The Cool Humans Club to answer the call from skilled professionals for ongoing and on-demand access to premium training, tools and support that enables them to work and live on their own terms. Members get a “Cool Kit” each week — a video lesson,digital downloads, audio and text files, and bonus add-ons — plus invites to monthly master classes, group coaching calls and 1-on-1 office hours sessions with yours truly. Join now so you can finally start working and living on your own terms.

Featuring the Coolest Humans on Cool Convos
Cool Convos is the editorial engine that powers The Cool Humans Club. (If The Cool Humans Club is the head, think of Cool Convos as the heart.) I get to have honest, thoughtful and inspiring conversations with emerging and established creators, thinkers and leaders from all corners of the culture and share them with you. The goal is to empower you to take the first or next step towards getting noticed and paid for the brilliance you bring to the world. Nominate your favorite Cool Human for an upcoming feature.

Prepping for the next Training Days weekend
Training Days is a two-day in-person experience designed to inspire and equip you with the strategies and skills you want and need to make profitable progress in their online business, personal brand or side hustle.Sign up for members-only updates on the next Training Days.

FaceTiming my niece Jordan and nephew Micah
It’s a commitment I made to Micah when I initially relocated from Dallas to New York City a few summers ago. And each Friday, I look forward to hearing updates on what they learned at school and what they’ve got planned for the weekend.

Eliminating external noise
I deleted all my social profiles, turned off my iPhone notifications and mindfully limit my media consumption so I can focus my time and attention on producing at peak performance, sharing memorable experiences with my ride-or-dies and loving and listening to my mind, body and soul.

Supporting organizations on the frontlines for progress
Equal rights for everyone, affordable college, literacy, reproductive choice and gun control are a few causes I’m passionate about. And a portion of all membership dues to The Cool Humans Club is donated to support organizations creating the change they want to see on the planet.

Encouraging five people every day
I’m blessed to know some incredible creators, thinkers and leaders around the world. And while I’m proud of them, it’s important for them to hear it from me early and often. So I’ve adopted a new habit of sending five people a just-because text, email or handwritten note every weekday. Wanna pay it forward? Send me some feel-good vibes.

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