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Say goodbye to guesswork, anxiety and overwhelm. And hello to clarity, profits and personal freedom. From self-paced courses and a members-only community to 1-on-1 or group coaching and done-for-you copywriting, I’ve created a broad range of resources to help you get noticed and get paid with your big idea. Browse the collection of free and premium products currently offered By Michael Todd.

This Should Help — Article Archive (FREE)

Each week, I publish an original article with expert insights and achievable action plans and behind-the-scenes glimpses of By Michael Todd so you can adapt and apply these results-getting to your business ASAP.

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Standard of Grace — Ebook (FREE)

For recovering perfectionists, the key to experiencing personal freedom with an online business is to, as author Emily Ley says, choose a “standard of grace, not perfection”

This 40-page ebook shows you how to release perfectionism and implement a proven marketing strategy so you can put your business on cruise control and stop exchanging your time for someone’s money.

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The Recovering Perfectionist’s Society — Private Membership Community (FREE)

Perfectionism can be so isolating that you feel like you’re the only one experiencing it.

But once you’re inside TRPS—By Michael Todd’s free private community of “recovering perfectionists”—you’ll realize there’s strength in numbers. It’s a safe virtual space to work together, offer and request feedback from and to each other, and build authentic personal and professional connections in a no-judgement environment.

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The Recovering Perfectionist’s Toolkit — PDF Bundle ($29)

Getting started and staying focused is half the battle.

And this bundle of three digital downloads will help you turn your startup or small business into a revenue-generating business in 21 days, launch that product or service you know will change the lives of your customers and use your brand to stand out in a sea of sameness.

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Pick My Brain — Ask Me Anything ($4/minute, 15-minute minimum)

Digital marketing can be a challenge. How should you plan your launch campaign? What copy techniques should you use to persuade, engage or sell? What’s Michael’s favorite Beyoncé song? All important questions that need answers.

And if you’d rather chat with a friendly digital marketing obsessive than waste hours Google-searching ineffective (and outdated) solutions, let’s chat!

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COURSES By Michael Todd — Self-Paced Training (Starting at $229)

There’s a reason online courses are so popular: Participants have more control over their learning experience.

At By Michael Todd, that means you can watch course lessons based on your own schedule, attend pop-up workshops live or on-demand and request support only when you need it.

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Copy Revamp — Email and Landing Page Makeover ($449)

Your copy is your online salesperson. And if you’re not turning casual visitors into engaged subscribers and engaged subscribers into very-happy customers, then chances are your copy’s the culprit.

I’ll roll up my sleeves and give one of your existing emails and landing pages a line-by-line revamp AND rewrite the copy with style so it stands out in your niche’s sad sea of sameness.

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BLUEPRINT By Michael Todd — Custom Digital Marketing Strategy ($899)

Are you someone who’s willing to do the work to get noticed and paid yourself if you had a roadmap to serve as your digital marketing GPS?

That’s what you’ll get after I use my signature Alphabet Framework to design a personalized strategy that drives traffic to your owned channels, boosts engagement with your community, revs up your revenue and enhances your reputation.

Invest in your personalized BLUEPRINT today.

BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH By Michael Todd (B2) — Group Coaching Program ($1499)

B2 brings founders, creatives and consultants the best of both worlds: Coaching and community.

In this eight-week intensive, cohorts—of no more than 12 participants—discover how to adapt and implement the three engines that fuels online business breakthroughs (product, marketing and content) so they can get noticed and get paid with their big idea.

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All About You — 1-on-1 Coaching ($2999, minimum 6-week commitment)

If you’re like most recovering perfectionists, you’ve spent your career focused on what “they”—parents, partners, peers—think of you and your decisions. And it’s left you unfulfilled because you’re big idea is in your head instead of the hands, hearts and minds of the people you care about the most.

What would it mean to spend six weeks to turn your big idea into a product or service that you can sell on cruise control so you can experience the personal freedom you thought was possible for everyone except you.

It’s time to bet on yourself and your big idea. It’s time to make it all about you for once in your life.

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Rent a Copywriter — Custom Sales Copy (Starting at $4999)

Are you too busy with the day-to-day duties of owning a biz or short on time ‘cause you’re juggling your side hustle with a 9-to-5 … but you recognize how vital words are to the profitability and influence of your business? Then rent my services and offload the responsibility to me.

All you have to do is choose one of three high-impact copy packages and I’ll handle the rest. Which means: Not only will I crank out attractive, descriptive and persuasive copy that positions your product as your prospect’s answered prayer, That’s not all: I’ll install it onto your email marketing platform or content management system too—at no additional cost.

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I Want It All! — Everything But a Signed Beyoncé Photo ($8999)

Your entire marketing strategy, done for you.

You’ll get one of three Rent a Copywriter packages, six weeks of All About You personal coaching, a customized BLUEPRINT Strategy to refer to as business grows and two annual subscriptions to The Recovering Perfectionist’s Society—plus, you’ll save 15% when you buy the bundle instead of getting each product individually.

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