Signature systems: What they are and why you need one

Before someone buys your product or books your service, they have a fear.

It’s often what holds someone back from entering their credit card info. Even though deep down they really want to.

Because here’s the thing: They know they have an unresolved struggle or unfulfilled desire.

And they know your product or service claims to be the solution to that struggle or desire.

But there’s something that just won’t let them jump on over to the other side.

Luckily, it’s something you can easily remedy. Only if you know what the root of the pain is though.


Your prospects’ deepest fear is they won’t experience the value your product or service promises.

It could be because they don’t believe they’re good enough to achieve their desired outcome.

Or because they don’t trust your business can help them achieve it.

Or because they’re waiting for what I call the “perfect scenario” to arrive when the timing is just right to invest in your product or service.

Whatever the reason, one of your number-one tasks as a founder, creative or consultant is to prove to skeptics you can deliver the results you promise.

And you do it with a signature system.

A signature system is your framework, methodology or process that your product or service is built on. It’s what you get when you combine your knowledge, expertise, strategies and techniques into one clear and cohesive package.

Signature systems position you as an expert in your industry. If your community views you as a replaceable, your crash and burn. But your system gives you credibility and keeps you top of mind with your ideal audience.

For example, my signature system is called The Alphabet Framework. It gets its name because each phase starts with the first four letters of the alphabet: Attract, Build, Convince, Deliver. If you build your marketing strategy The Alphabet Framework using The Alphabet Framework, I guarantee you will 

  • Drive more traffic to your business
  • Boost engagement with your subscribers, customers and ambassadors
  • Increase your revenue
  • Grow your influence within your niche

Not only do I have the knowledge and expertise to validate my signature system. I also have the strategies (one of which I’ll go into greater depth in a few pages) and techniques to help customers achieve the results in less time, spending less money, while having more delightful experience compared to if they were doing it without using my system. And that’s the ultimate goal.

I spent my so much of time growing my expertise and dreaming up big ideas. But here’s the true tea: None of that mattered until I had a tangible roadmap to show potential clients and customers how I would help them achieve their desired result.

Don’t be like me. Focus on your signature system early and often.

But if my story’s not enough, there’s another reason to develop a signature system: Not doing so literally costs you money.

Because once you have your system, you can create multiple income streams from a range of products and services. Case in point: Below are a few ways By Michael Todd, my digital marketing studio, generates revenue:

  • Online trainings
  • Downloadable premium resources
  • Consulting and professional services
  • Live workshops and lectures
  • Affiliate partnerships and promotions
  • Membership fees

Looking to create your own signature system? Start here:

List all the ways you deliver your services. Do you offer coaching services? Sell digital products? Host live events? Establish your system on what you do best and what’s currently missing in the market.

Write down the process. You want to document exactly how you help customers achieve the result they’re looking for.

Name each step. Amplify the benefits of each step and make them memorable.

Name the entire system. Again, focus on the benefits and make sure it’s memorable.

Create content to promote your system. The more people who know about how your system sets you apart in your industry’s sea of sameness, the higher your chances of convincing them to invest in your products and services.

Once you develop your signature system, shoot me an email and share it with me ( I can’t wait to read about it!

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