Free Workshop:
How To Tech-Proof Your Future

Presented by Spacious x Michael Jones

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Join me for a live experience designed to help you work and live on your own terms

Date & Time
Thu, September 13, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Eastern Time

Spacious Flagship
30 W. 53rd St
New York, New York 10019

Set yourself up to win in the new economy

You’ve probably noticed something: There’s a lot of discussion on how technology continues to impact how we work and live.

And so much of it paints a bleak picture: The robots are coming, your data isn’t safe, the only way to use technology is the way the engineers behind it designed it.

I call BS. We’re not powerless in this state of affairs.

Here’s why.

The robots are coming, but we’re already here. And we have something that they don’t: The ability to work without an algorithm.

Your data will never be safe, unless you limit how much time and attention you surrender to the advertising businesses masquerading as social media platforms that continue to rake in the big bucks at the expense of your mental, emotional and financial well-being.

And technology isn’t one size fits all. You have permission to tinker with functions and features until they align your desired lifestyle — not vice versa.

What the experts aren’t saying loudly and clearly enough is this: Our new economy rewards creators, not consumers.

There’s little to gain from your ability to take in and push out frivolous content. But there’s much to lose, including your autonomy to work on live on your own terms.

So while we’ve been inspired to #connect, #share and #resist, what’s missing are experiences that educate and empower leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to develop and apply a creative point of view so they can position themselves to produce with the machines, not be displaced by them.

How To Tech-Proof Your Future is one of those experiences.

Because if you haven’t noticed: The new economy is casting aside people who primarily perform functions that can be automated or replicated by machines to the margins to make ordinary work cheaper and faster to produce.

The safeguard against this new normal is to tech-proof your future.

What to expect at How To Tech-Proof Your Future...

By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to:

  • Adjust your surroundings to maximize time on task

  • Focus in a culture that prioritizes mindless consumption over mindful creativity

  • Shift into an empowered mindset that makes extraordinary work the rule instead of the exception

Additionally, I’ll share a proven step-by-step foundation to help you invest on the creative efforts that nets the “human currency” you need to work and live on your own terms.

About the instructor

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Michael Jones is a creative coach, instructor and writer based specializing in creativity and performance. He educates and empowers forward-thinking leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to strategically express their creative point of view.

Prior to launching his own small business, Michael was a fashion editor and style columnist at one magazine, e-commerce writer at another, and a instructional designer/corporate trainer for a couple of Fortune 100 clients.

Michael is based in New York City.

What people are saying about Michael…
“Michael is able to get inside the consumer’s head and be creative from that perspective — and that’s not easy.” —Leigh Belz Ray, Executive Director of Branded Content at VOGUE

“I’ve been in the advertising and marketing industry for 14 years, and I must admit: I learned a few new things from your training.” —Lawrence Hines, independent branding and marketing consultant

About the space

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Spacious is workspace reimagined. Its Flagship location provides everything you need for a productive work day including extended hours, an array of seating options, an all collaborative workspace, and an awe-inspiring interior design by AvroKo. Located in the heart of Midtown directly across the street from the MoMA, this location is a convenient space to work and refuel.