By Michael Todd is a lean, mean small-business machine. So I make  efficient, cost-effective decisions that allow me to 1) be productive in the short term and 2) position myself for sustainable profitablity in the future. These are a few tools that help me do just that.

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Asana: A web and mobile app designed to help teams track their work. I use it to manage project deadlines, my editorial calendar and business workflows.

Airstory: This software was created specifically for people who make money with their words. It’s a juiced-up version of Word or Docs that allows you to outline, write, save online research, import Evernote notes, streamline versions, collaborate with others and publish anywhere on the web.

Boomerang: If I’m not careful, email can hijack my day and stunt my productivity. Boomerang for Gmail is a godsend: I can write emails in advance and schedule them later, set reminders to reply to messages, and the tool follow-ups if I don’t receive a response from the recipient in a timely manner.

Calendly: This tool syncs up with my calendar to show customers my preferred availability. They pick a time and the event is added to my calendar. And since Calendly integrates with Stripe, customers can also pay for Pick My Brain–my consulting service–in one fell swoop.

Calm: Mindfulness supports me with keeping life and business in perspective. I turn to Calm for guided meditations. 

Convertkit: This email marketing software makes it easy to tag and segment subscribers so we can send the right message to the right person at the right time. I can separate Broadcasts (which are one-off emails like Instructions) from Sequences, aka the automated drip campaigns. Plus, Convertkit integrates with practically every other tool I use at By Michael Todd.

Demio: I’m not super-techy, so I like for the tools I use to be unfussy and intuitive—without sacrificing the powerful features I need to get the results I want. Demio, our webinar platform of choice,  ticks all the boxes. What I love most is how immersive the live webinar experience is for viewers. We can have conversations in the Chat feature, upload presentation slides and additional resources, and redirect attendees to a pre-selected landing page at the end of the webinar.

Drive: The popular Google-owned storage system that I use to run efficiently run my business. I share documents with clients during projects, create templates so I write copy fast and store my files in folders to keep organized. Hands down, Drive is one of my keys to productivity.

Email Subject Line Tester: Email subject lines have a single job, but it’s an important one: To get our emails opened. And we’re fighting some stiff competition, so we can’t afford to miss the mark. In addition to A/B testing our subject lines, we also run them through a subject line tester. We use the feedback to optimize our subject lines before sending.

Evernote: I use this mobile and desktop app to organize ideas for the email campaigns and One Thing At Once. And since it seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, I don’t have to switch between apps. Less work, higher efficiency? Yes, please.

GBoard: I was an early adopter of Google’s keyboard for iOS after discovering I could seamlessly send GIFs and search the Internet without ever leaving the app. Plus, I’m obsessed with the predictive text, which eliminates those annoying autocorrect fails.

Podia: This platform is an all-in-one digital storefront. In addition to online courses, you can sell digital downloads, membership subscriptions, and send email newsletters to your students, all on one place.

SignEasy: There’s rarely a day that goes by where I’m not signing a document. With SignEasy, I pop a document into the app, enter my information, upload my pre-saved signature and can email it in just a few taps of the screen.

Simple: I thought an online banking tool with built-in budgeting and saving tools was too good to be true. Until I discovered Simple. I can deposit checks in seconds, withdraw money from practically any ATM (minus any fees!) and set responsible saving and spending goals.

Slack: I started using this popular communication tool in 2015 when I was an fashion editor at Lucky. And I’ve been obsessed since. It's how I connect with partners to avoid long email chains.

Stripe: This platform processes payments. (We also use it’s PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash to collect payments.)

Tape a Call: This app is a carryover from my days as a fashion editor. Now instead of using it to capture designer interviews for profiles and Q&As, I use Tape a Call to record calls for my clients and I to refer to at any given moment.

Up Next: An iPhone app I use to manage my daily to-do list. Based on factors like deadlines or appointment times and locations, Up Next tells me what I should be working on next. The app also provides directions and one-tap dial for when I’m in a hurry.

Wistia: I’ll admit: I’m new to the video-marketing game. But I’ve quickly found it to be a great format for Touchpoints within my Springboard and the modules for online trainings. Where Wistia really takes the trophy is with its advanced video analytics to track how viewers interact with my videos. And you can customize your player to match your brand’s color, add calls to action, turn on autoplay and a ton more.

Oh, and this website: It’s powered by Squarespace. The theme is Montauk. And I have the Business plan.