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The Treacherous Trio: 3 Sneaky Culprits Hellbent on Holding You Back

Presented by Michael Jones

Thu, September 27, 2018

1:00 PM EST

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Research shows the average adult spends 11 hours — or about two-thirds of their waking time — consuming media in some form. And when we’re not succumbing to distraction, we’re either grappling with perfectionism or comparison.

That’s time that could be reinvested into sharpening your superskill so you become invaluable to any project or team you’re a part of.

Or developing a signature program, purposeful content or irresistible offer to level-up your online business, personal brand of side hustle.

Or making it harder for social media platforms to capture minutes of your attention and bytes of your personal data that they can package and sell to advertisers.

But that’s easier said than done for high-powered change agents like you and me. Because there are a few antagonists that interfere with your efforts to win in our tech-driven new economy.

And three of them are especially dangerous. So much so, I gave ‘em a name: The Treacherous Trio.

Join me for a live interactive event to get insights on each culprit so you can minimize the impact they have on your ability to produce extraordinary results.

By the end of this free online experience, you’ll discover:

  • What separates creative powerhouses from subpar performers

  • The 13-letter word that triggers your Imposter Syndrome (and how to combat it)

  • Why it’s so hard for you to get people to pay attention to and pay you for your creative point of view

  • The oppressive mindset that makes you feel stuck at work and in life

  • The only blueprint you need to translate your creative energy into maximum income and influence

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About the Instructor

Michael Jones designs and delivers high-impact creative coaching, digital products and pop-up workshops to a community of ambitious professionals who want to work and live on their own terms — and the brands who want to reach them.

Prior to starting his own business, he held several fashion editorial roles at two top media companies and developed and facilitated trainings for a couple of Fortune 100 clients.

Michael is based in New York City.