Workshops designed to help your business produce extraordinary work — with creativity as the catalyst

Each of my programs is a standalone product. But since they complement each other, they can be integrated and packaged together to give your team or organization a massive competitive advantage. You'll earn buy-in from key decision-makers and inspire even the most distracted and disenchanted audiences take notice and take action. The curriculum is adaptable to the needs and skills of your group or team and is supplemented with hands-on post-workshop support.

Start with 1-Sentence Creativity

1-Sentence Creativity is a foundational program designed for all types of professionals, including leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. This half-day workshop is focused on how to quickly put your own ideas to work to level-up your performance, expand your impact and experience personal freedom and professional fulfillment. Participants come away from this program with awareness of and insight on the effectiveness of a single fill-in-the-blank statement developed with one goal in mind: To turn more of your ideas into action right away.

Follow-Up with Creativity in Business

Creativity is the catalyst to solving business challenges, generating driving brand awareness and attracting meaningful opportunities. This program focuses on the creative process within the context of your business’s mission, vision and immediate goals. During the half-day workshop, participants will receive tools on how to identify and prioritize creative opportunities, contribute to and benefit from a creative culture, and boost individual and team creativity.

This program encourages participants to expand the boundaries of what alignment between business goals and creative possibilities can look like. They’ll get clear on fresh, remarkable and profitable ways to to serve a distracted audience, develop an innovative product or experience, and drive long-term profitability.  

Go In-Depth with The Creative Breakthrough

Ideal for professionals, teams and organizations who are looking to bounce back from a period of creative stagnation, differentiate themselves in a crowded market or position themselves for focused growth, this full-day workshop is a deep dive into the six principles of creativity and how to apply these principles to your projects, products or overall brand. The Creative Breakthrough puts creativity at the forefront of your planning and gives you the confidence to transform any business opportunity into a creative experience.

Though not a prerequisite, 1-Sentence Creativity and Creativity in Business can provide valuable context for this intermediate-level program.

Focus on what matters with Creative Minimalism

Learn how to organize your day and project pipeline to maximize your team or organization’s individual and collective creative output. Participants will gain practical insights on the distinction between “extraordinary work” and “ordinary work” and receive tools on how to neutralize distractions and passive consumption to level-up their creative performance.

Creative Minimalism is offered as a standalone training for teams and organizations, at the same level as 1-Sentence Creativity to support teams in channeling their creativity, providing structure to the creative process and cultivating a culture where creativity is a fundamental part of how things get done. It’s also an excellent introduction to the Creativity In Business program.